gluten free cake mix

Asked 01/12/2013 by Paralethal


Yes, that is correct.

Even though both are cake mixes these are two different products, so in order to make a two layer cake with the gluten free cake mix you have to use two boxes.

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Answered 01/15/2013 by aamione

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betty771 said:
Posted: 03/15/2014 04:35 PM

I used your devil's food gluten free cake mix and turned it into a "dream cake" found on the back of a Dream Whip box. Using one packet of dream whip, four eggs and one cup of cold water per directions. It improved both the texture and volume of your cake. It makes two average size layers and tastes delicious. Next time I will try the vanilla. Since I am the only one dealing with a gluten problem and certainly don't need a whole cake for myself it is necessary to find recipes my whole family will eat. SandyD4321