everytime a make a pecan pie it turns out runny when I cut into it, why?

Asked 11/21/2012 by sfletcher1004

That can be frustrating! I've got a couple of ideas for you. Be sure you are baking it to the doneness indicated in the recipe and are not going by time. For example, our recipe says to bake "40 to 50 minutes ur until center is set." So you want to bake it until it is set--no matter how long it takes. Your oven may not really be the temperature you are setting it for (they can get uncalibrated, as they age), so if you are going by time, it may not be getting done.

The other thing I wondered is if you are using extra-large eggs? Recipes in general, mean regular-size eggs when they call for "eggs". If what you are using are larger than that, the extra liquid from them might cause the pie to be runny. Good luck--pecan pie is soooo yummy!

Answered 11/21/2012 by Betty Kitchen Expert

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