cupcake baking time

Asked 11/09/2012 by Dianelouise30

We have not tested that in the kitchens but it sounds like they would be delicious! We usually suggest about 18 to 24 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Keep an eye on them though to prevent overbaking.

Answered 11/09/2012 by kolson

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betty853 said:
Posted: 09/07/2014 08:53 AM

Same problem, where is cupcake baking time

Pmalloy13 said:
Posted: 05/17/2014 06:48 PM

Same problem as Betty. Cupcake baking time is not on the box. I'll check them at 15 minutes

betty772 said:
Posted: 03/16/2014 04:09 PM

I just mixed the super moist cake mix party rainbow chips trying to find out how long to bake for cupcakes. That is not on the box. I never thought of checking the box to see if it is there. Now I can't get an answer online for the time. I am making cupcakes I guess I will have to guess