When baking bread in the oven, why does it stay doughy in the center after it's done baking?

Asked 12/07/2013 by breadnovice


I am sorry you are having trouble getting the perfect loaf of bread. It seems like you have already tried lowering the oven temperature and that is not working. You could try covering the loaf with foil after 20 minutes of baking, so that the crust does not get any browner and the interior will continue to bake. If you want to make sure that you bread is baked on the interior, you can try using a thermometer. The center of the bread loaf should read 190 degrees. That way you can be sure that the breat is baked completely.

Here is a recipe for bread that we have had good luck with. Look at it and see how it compares to your recipe. Hope this helps.


Answered 12/07/2013 by Betty Kitchen Expert

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