What can I add to gluten free Bisquick so it doesn't taste like a mouthful of sand?

Asked 07/13/2013 by NYCfoodie

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betty901 said:
Posted: 09/25/2014 04:20 PM

I made the Bisquick caramel apple cake using gluten free Bisquick. The rice flour absorbed all of the liquid, so there was no caramel sauce in the pan. Use the recipes created specifically for gluten free Bisquick for the best chance for success.

GFBaker101 said:
Posted: 10/12/2013 12:02 PM

The main ingredient in gluten free Bisquick is rice. Rice needs to absorb liquid to become soft. Pancakes and waffles made with g-f Bisquick are fantastic because they are made with a batter, so the ratio of liquid to flour is high. Biscuits made with g-f Bisquick taste like sand because they are made like a dough, and there's not enough liquid to make the rice flour soft. If you want to make biscuit-like baked goods, you are better off using an actual gluten free biscuit mix. G-f Bisquick works best for recipes that have a high liquid content. Notice that adding more fat to g-f Bisquick will not make the baked goods more tender, because the rice flour can't absorb fat. Rice flour can only absorb liquid.

Posted: 09/28/2013 05:49 PM

I have found that if you add two tablespoons of cornstarch per cup of gluten free bisquick, it is fluffier and has a consistency more like regulate flour. Be aware though that you will have to add slightly more liquid to your recipe in order to keep it from being as dry. This works especially well for cookies, cakes, cobblers. Hope this helps:)