Need temp, and baking time for brownies in 2 1/2" square x 1"deep nonstick individ. bar pan. Use baking spray?

Asked 11/28/2013 by betty536

I'm guessing there were no baking directions on the pan? That's SO annoying! Now it's up to you to "get to know your pan". Not knowing the brownie recipe you're using (Betty has GREAT brownie recipes), how thick they are in the pan or the pan weight, I'd start by using the same temp as the recipe suggests. If the pan is very dark or black and you're used to reducing the oven temp by 25 need to drop the oven temp by 25°F, go ahead and do that.

For timing, if it's a brownie mix, check for doneness starting 10 minutes before the minimum bake time. That might sound early, but remember there's hot air circulating around each litlle brownie so they'll bake faster. If you're using a scratch recipe, start checking 20 minutes before. I would spray the pan before adding the batter. And, start your own brownie pan notes for future bakes - good luck (now I'm hungry for brownies). ;~(

Answered 11/28/2013 by Jeanie Kozar

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