Need a recipe to make a lot of cookies for a cookie exchange that also uses Betty Crocker Cookie pouches - something new and different.

Asked 12/03/2013 by betty555

You've come to holiday cookie headquarters! Bar cookies are the easiest way to get lots of cookies in a short amount of time. Cut them really small, like 1-inch squares and put them in decorative holiday papers and you'll score big at your cookie exchange. For cookie ideas, here are my recommendations: Easy Salted Peanut Chews (cut them smaller than it says and you'll have plenty), Baklava Bars (an easy version of a Greek classic that EVERYONE loves), Crème Brûlée Cheesecake Bars (oh my!), Peanut Butter Cookie Candy Bars (just like candy bars only better!), Almond Streusel-Cherry Cheesecake Bars (a nice break from chocolate), and Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bark. For a new twist on an old classic, try these Holiday Blossoms. If you want to stray from cookies, try foolproof Rocky Road Fudge made with frosting. Happy Holidays!

Answered 12/04/2013 by ksorensen

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SndraO said:
Posted: 02/03/2014 12:51 PM

About a month ago I made cookies with Peanut Butter cookie mix and chocolate chip cookie mix, they also had toffee chips, coconut and pecans. They did not have m&m's. I cannot find this recipe and they were soooo good. Anyone know which ones I'm talking about.