I have made and frozen some Pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. Should the pies be thawed before baking?

Asked 11/17/2013 by Julia1234


You are very organized to be thinking about making the preparation of your Thanksgiving meal go easier! Good for you. Because of the nature of custard pies, we also suggest that pumpkin pies be baked before freezing. Apple or fruit pies can be frozen either baked or unbaked. From your question, I couldn't tell if baked them before freezing. If you did, you can bake the frozen pie at 325 degrees for 45 minutes or until thawed and warmed. If you did not, it would be best to thaw the pie in the refrigerator before baking. Here are some more do ahead planning tips.


Thanks for the question.

Answered 11/17/2013 by Betty Kitchen Expert

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