I lost a very old recipe for Bisquick meatloaf with potato wedges baked on top. Can you find this recipe for me?

Asked 06/26/2013 by Juli95426

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately I have searched through our historic Bisquick cookbooks in our library and can't seem to find this recipe for you. I was hoping that it might have actually been printed and I could get it for you this way. Maybe this mini meatloaf recipe would work for you instead.


Answered 06/27/2013 by KathyAtBettyCrocker

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jlair123 said:
Posted: 12/26/2013 06:10 PM

The recipe is Skillet Meat Loaf Dinner on page 31 in BISQUICK CLASSICS COLLECTION No. 30 copyright 1988. I have this cookbook and I've made the recipe a lot of times. I can email the recipe if you can't find it in your library of recipes.