I got an email about a free calendar but I cannot find where I can sign up to get it.

Asked 11/14/2013 by L0738

It's toward the bottom underneath the coupons.

Answered 11/14/2013 by ksorensen

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fil978 said:
Posted: 07/19/2014 07:50 PM

Guess it must not exist as everyone else got the same email and no calendar available that we can find. Love those calendars.

Munchkin09 said:
Posted: 07/18/2014 09:00 AM

I received a message that I could recieve a free calendar frp 2015 but do not see where find it. thank you.

Posted: 07/17/2014 08:22 PM

I would love to get the free calendar for 2015. greenbutterfly1@att.net thanx. Keiko

jdw09 said:
Posted: 07/17/2014 06:14 PM

Cannot find where to sign up for 2015 calendar and would like to receive one.

jdw09 said:
Posted: 07/17/2014 06:13 PM

Cannot find where to sign up for 2015 calendar and would like to receive one.

Momof32007 said:
Posted: 02/05/2014 10:44 AM

I didn't get an email for a free 2014 calendar? I received one in 2013 and everyone loved it!!

Posted: 01/29/2014 07:44 PM

I would like a new calendar.

majical said:
Posted: 01/18/2014 06:15 PM

I could not find the link to sign up to get my free calendar.

betty687 said:
Posted: 01/10/2014 02:39 AM

I would also like a new Calendar

betty687 said:
Posted: 01/10/2014 02:39 AM

I would also like a new Calendar

betty687 said:
Posted: 01/10/2014 02:39 AM

I would also like a new Calendar

betty687 said:
Posted: 01/10/2014 02:39 AM

I would also like a new Calendar

sugaman said:
Posted: 01/09/2014 04:33 PM

I would like a 2014 calendar . Why didn't i get an offer this year

ke81436 said:
Posted: 01/07/2014 06:12 PM

Enter your comment here...I too would like a free calendar again this year. Help!!

denise511 said:
Posted: 01/05/2014 03:15 PM

May I have a 2014 calendar please

betty666 said:
Posted: 01/02/2014 02:07 PM

I want a 2014 calendar. Why didn't I get an offer this year

betty666 said:
Posted: 01/02/2014 02:07 PM

I want a 2014 calendar. Why didn't I get an offer this year

amy1069 said:
Posted: 01/02/2014 10:46 AM

I am a member and have never recieved a calendar.. but i have a friend who gets TWO every year???

rjkey4 said:
Posted: 01/01/2014 10:56 AM

I too was just wondering why I didn't get a calendar. Can I still get one?

efair14 said:
Posted: 12/30/2013 06:30 PM

I have not been able to get my calendar. Please send me one. I am already a member. Thanks.

betty657 said:
Posted: 12/29/2013 10:02 AM

Same here! Still not able to get my calendar. Get one every year. Please, please help! Thank you! Have been trying for weeks!!!

betty657 said:
Posted: 12/29/2013 10:00 AM

Same here! Still not able to get my calendar. Get one every year. Please, please help! Thank you! Have been trying for weeks!!!

betty639 said:
Posted: 12/23/2013 08:30 AM

I never receive the email to get one...I feel as though this web site picks and choices who they want to receive them...if it is for members then there should be enough for all bot just a few....maybe I will boycott Betty Crocker products,,,,

phoney said:
Posted: 12/20/2013 09:52 AM

Bummer!!!! no calendars anywhereEnter your comment here...

minerva3254 said:
Posted: 12/18/2013 03:51 AM

I can't find where to sign up for my free calendar I am a member all ready

sophiemolly said:
Posted: 12/05/2013 07:29 PM

Is it to late to sign up for a 2014 calendar? I was having computer problems when I tried to order one and lost everything. If not to late I would appreciate getting one.Thank-You MarySue Ensing sophie91946@yahoo.com

betty561 said:
Posted: 12/05/2013 07:32 AM

Love the calendar but every time I get an email stating to go to the website and claim I find they are always out. If I could get a calendar I would be very appreciative, thank you!

tessarnado said:
Posted: 12/04/2013 06:42 PM

Please send me your 2014 calendar...thanks for your concern and understanding. tessarnado@yahoo.com

swrensch said:
Posted: 12/01/2013 06:02 PM

Where's the link to receive my Free Calendar? I got the email but when I went to it, they said they were all out already. Very Disappointed!! I look forward to them yearly.

CRWatt said:
Posted: 12/01/2013 11:12 AM

I want my calendar! Have made numerous attempts since first receiving the email. Come on Betty, print more!

katsmeow655 said:
Posted: 11/30/2013 02:00 PM

I also Have been a member for many years, Also not able to get to where the 2014, calender is? says its at the bottom of coupons.. WHERE???? Oh Betty Betty Betty, how you disappoint many of us!!! we are very sad!!!

betty543 said:
Posted: 11/30/2013 01:51 PM

I have gotten this calendar the pasy few years and love it! would love to sign up for the new one! Thanks Lynne Sandack

betty543 said:
Posted: 11/30/2013 01:51 PM

I have gotten this calendar the pasy few years and love it! would love to sign up for the new one! Thanks Lynne Sandack

Posted: 11/27/2013 07:37 AM

Have been a user for several years. Now I have 3 other acvounts that I DON'T need....

Posted: 11/27/2013 07:31 AM

I also tried daily to get the catalog. Requred me to sign up then said calendar was only for previous members. Thts a crock of baloney. Really, really aggravated.

betty524 said:
Posted: 11/25/2013 10:42 PM

Ditto other comments! Not happy:=(

betty524 said:
Posted: 11/25/2013 10:42 PM

Ditto other comments! Not happy:=(

betty521 said:
Posted: 11/25/2013 05:07 PM

I have been trying and trying. First I had trouble logging in, have been signed up for a very long time and have visited the site many times then all of sudden I couldn't log in. I got that fixed after 2 days of trying and still cannot get my calendar. I love it and had so much fun trying new recipes and ideas in it.

tjsrecipes said:
Posted: 11/25/2013 09:10 AM

I haven't been able to find it either :(

Yayascs said:
Posted: 11/23/2013 08:16 PM

Free calendar....I think hide and seek calendar more like it.

jmo3275 said:
Posted: 11/23/2013 10:02 AM

well i FINALLY figured it out and it said they're all out of calendars ladies so don't bother wasting your time.

kathyn2 said:
Posted: 11/22/2013 02:50 PM

Enter your comment here...I wrote them a nasty email yesterday. I have been here every day looking for that calendar and it has never been shown on the site and wen I did a search this time I see a link that says they no longer have them. what did they have? 2 of them? Seems like the long time subscribers can't get them.

betty503 said:
Posted: 11/22/2013 09:48 AM

I got the email for the calendar, but I don't think my order went through

betty500 said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 11:35 PM

I am another that cannot find the free calendar. Where do you sign up??

betty500 said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 11:33 PM

I am another that cannot find the free calendar. Where do you sign up??

earns said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 03:58 PM

i tried to order one, and it is saying there out of them for the year, i just got the email yesterday!!!!!

Redhatonana said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 11:35 AM

Enter your comment here...I am like everyone else can't find the free calendar what is this a faurd thing or something . You send email for free calendar and we answer but can't find it is this a true offer or not???????????

nabsnabs said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 08:49 AM

I, too, am unable to find where to sign for a free calendar, How do I get one?

buffalokitty said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 07:30 AM

I would like the free 2014 calendar but I can not find the link, thank you

motootsie805 said:
Posted: 11/20/2013 01:31 AM

I cant sign in from email for free calendar, and if I sign into my account on bettycrocker,com I don't see link ?

crazielela said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 08:47 PM

I wanted the free 2014 calendar but when go to the site it send me back here

Starr6570 said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 10:23 AM


SWVA said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 08:50 AM

Log in, then go back and click on the e-mail link for the calendar again. Then the form will pop up. It's backward, but it works.

Rainey2U said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 08:17 AM

I had to open my account on one tab. Then, click "View as webpage" on the email which opened in another tab. I clicked the free calendar on the webpage and was able to enter my name and address. Kinda wonky but it worked.

me2222 said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 07:47 AM

if your a. member the link doesn't work... :(

mdsweet said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 07:42 AM

When you open the email. scroll down to where it is advertised about the calender. Click 'Get yours' and it will take you to the page to fill out your info

TMJackson said:
Posted: 11/19/2013 06:39 AM

Not Sure It This Helps... I logged into the site first, then went back to the email offer and clicked on the part of the email which mentions a free 2014 calendar. At that point, I was taken to the correct form to fill for a FREE 2014 Calendar. Filled a Form and the messages says it will arrive in 4-6 weeks. Thanks.

Reenie_ said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 11:24 PM

guess im not alone, I got a email for the calendar can cant find when to apply for it thank you Reenie

Nomadswife said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 11:12 PM

Please fix your site so we can get the free calendar you offered us in your email. Thank you.

bmiller2012 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 10:16 PM

Im having a hard time finding where to get my free calendar. I received an email for.it and can't find it. Help please

Brend1 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 09:50 PM

I have looked too, but I can't find out where to get my free calendar. Please help....I would love to have a calendar!!!!!!!!

dkyllo said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 09:18 PM

I have looked and looked through everything and I still have not found where to get the free calendar, I would really love to get one ... Please??

Posted: 11/18/2013 07:57 PM

I am having the same problem you say it is under the coupons and yet I have not yet seen it, I am not blind but it would help if you made it easier to find, I would like a calendar. "PLEASE"

Nole64 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 07:10 PM

Thank you I found it. Signed into BC first then went back to email and clicked me on the offer.

H00H00 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 06:40 PM

Would like the calendar but can't find where to get it????

betty485 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 12:50 PM

If all these people cannot find the info about the calendar including me, I think you should rethink and redesign the web site.

betty484 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 09:16 AM

I signed into Betty Crocker with my password, then I went back to the email I received from Betty Crocker and clicked on the Get Free Calendar and it took me to a page to type in my Name, Address etc. I did not close the tab that I signed into, I left it open. Hope this helps.

betty483 said:
Posted: 11/18/2013 07:46 AM

I can not find where to sign up for Betty Crocker's Calendar. I love receiving them and the wonderful recipes that are in it. I would love to get one for 2014, but I can't find anything about it this year. Hope to hear from someone about it. Thanks, Have a Great Day!!!

Brookemc said:
Posted: 11/17/2013 08:51 PM

I would like one too.....

betty481 said:
Posted: 11/17/2013 07:56 PM

Wow!!! Thought I was silly in not being able to find the calendar offer but I clearly see that it's not me. Shame.....I was looking forward to getting one.

alicem456 said:
Posted: 11/17/2013 01:17 PM

I'm a member, but can't find out about 2014 free calendar

kckirk said:
Posted: 11/17/2013 11:52 AM

Yeah, I gave up trying to find it too. I did get the email that offered and was advised to look near the bottom under the coupons, but still no luck. Betty Crocker , if you offer something thru email then you should not make it so difficult to obtain. I don't have time for extra games today.

bu2bu said:
Posted: 11/17/2013 10:48 AM

Dear Betty Crocker - This is for you... Did you really mean for it to be this difficult to get what you say you are offering to the loyal membership? Why make it this difficult for us? You already have every bit of the information we had to enter. Why don't you just send it out in 1 mass mailing and surprise the dickens out of us for a change? After all, it will be Christmas time by when it should arrive. ? That would have been really nice, and shown us you appreciate us al well...

stuffed2010 said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 10:48 PM

Log into your betty crocker account, then go back to the email and click on the get your free calendar. It will bring you to the sign up for the calendar

kitty21 said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 07:55 PM

I would like a free calendar but can't find where to sign up.

gdchild said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 04:56 PM

gdchild: I would like a calendar but don't know how to get one. Every time I try it fails.

turtletom said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 04:20 PM

I would like a calander how can I get one

Posted: 11/16/2013 12:12 PM

Perfect Notquitebetty. Thank you for posting that.

sassysmith11 said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 12:10 PM

got the email but never got my calendar, can you confirm that i will be gettiing it please....

Posted: 11/16/2013 11:37 AM

I found that if I log into my account and then go back to the e-mail and click on the "get yours" on the Free Calendar section, it takes you right to it. It may be free, but you sure have to work for it!!!' You have to scroll up to see that it states your request has been submitted and that it takes 6-8 weeks for arrival! Whew!

bethieskulls said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 10:42 AM

Thank you Susandyer1962 for posting the link. In case you did not scroll down to read other's comments, here is the link again: http://www.bettycrocker.com/Coupons-Promotions/Betty-Crocker-2014-Calendar ...unfortunately it does hang when you click SUBMIT so I don't know if the request is going through or not ...

arps said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 10:22 AM

Not happy about the site and how to get the free calendar...

jmd2826 said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 10:18 AM

Not working for me either

betty469 said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 08:02 AM

got the email for the calander but can't find where to order it

smallsnick said:
Posted: 11/16/2013 07:30 AM

you make your free calander offer for existing members EXTREMELY hard to locate!

kay4uto said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 07:30 PM

I don't know about you guys, but this is the story of my life. I have yet to see where to sign up for a free calendar?????

Sassy1967 said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 04:58 PM

Where do I sign up for a free calendar

Sassy1967 said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 04:54 PM

Enter your comment here...

Posted: 11/15/2013 01:45 PM


pcard said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 11:13 AM

I finally got in, i clicked on the "get yours", that took me to a page that looks like they want you to subscribe. i clicked on log in and put in my information to get in, after that i just had to put in my name and address for the calander. Good luck to all of you, it took me 2 days to finally get to that point.

AzNativeCook said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 10:42 AM

I finally got to the link for my free calendar. To get there, you literally have to click on "Get yours" to take you to the link. If you click anywhere else, you'll end up enrolling a new account. Try that.

tuclaeys said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 10:18 AM

Please inform us where the link is for the free calendar. I have searched, as many of the others have, but can not locate a link. This is frustrating.... I do hope I will not be notified that you are out because I could not sign up soon enough. This what happened with the Pillsbury free calendar and I was not that I did not try... their link did not work and yours can't be found.. . hum

betty459 said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 09:46 AM

I would love free calendar.

Patty_123 said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 08:43 AM

these ladies aren't alone. I can't find the page/link to get my free calendar...and I've run out of family members to sign up. I really want one of these. IF anyone finds the proper link, please help the rest of us out. Thanks, Patty

izztpiper said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 08:09 AM

I still can't find an offer for free calendar

Demarici said:
Posted: 11/15/2013 07:50 AM

I received an email about a free calendar but it didn't take me to the calendar it took me to a link to sign up I'm already a member so I signed up family member then it denied them the calendar.

betty462 said:
Posted: 11/14/2013 06:09 PM

Why did my old account not allow me to go to the free calendar option? It made me set up a new account then denied me the calendar.