I have a 10 inch tart pan, but your recipe for Chocolate Dream tart is for a 9 inch one. What do I do?

Asked 03/14/2013 by bakingwithmommy

Hi: Thanks for your question about adjusting the tart recipe. You can use the recipe as written as far as ingredients, but your crust and filling will be a bit thinner, so you should shorten your baking time slightly, both for the crust bake and for the full dessert bake.

I suggest you set the timer for at least 5 minutes shorter bake time, and check to see if the crust is brown, and for the tart, do the same. You may find that the difference is only a few minutes. Here is the link to the recipe.


Answered 03/14/2013 by Marcia-BettyCrocker

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