How do you clean the Betty Crocker® waffle maker?

Asked 02/23/2013 by chattycathey


The best way to clean the waffle maker is by using a damp paper towel when cold.

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Answered 02/26/2013 by aamione

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Posted: 03/23/2014 07:21 PM

I guess aamoine didn't read the question, doesn't care, doesn't know, or she's just not that interested in a clean waffle maker. The only reason I'm here is because my question is exactly, "What's the best way to clean a Betty Crocker BC-1957 waffle maker?" If the staff here actually has the answer to that question, I, and I'm sure chattycathey, would be interested. "A wet paper towel on a cold maker" is the first thing anyone would try, but our questions are "the best way"... Is there a great way to remove oils, and tiny debris from the makers, is there a soap or cleaner to try and/or avoid? Is there a way to treat and protect the surface. Maybe the answers are already in the manual; which I don't have. And, I could not find it on's search engine. Thank you, to anyone who gives an actual answer to these questions.