Can you use the gluten free rice flour mix to make biscuits instead of the gluten free Bisquick mix?

Asked 02/23/2014 by Lg33

Piping hot biscuits are so delicious! Gluten free rice flour blend does NOT contain leavening. Gluten free Bisquick mix DOES contain leavening and therefore is a good choice to use for making gluten free biscuits. I would recommend you use the gluten free drop biscuit recipe and adapt it to the rolled biscuits you want. Cut back a smidge on the milk and add a bit more gluten free Bisquick so that you can gently knead and roll out the biscuits. Work quickly with the dough. I would grease the pan well or use parchment paper on your baking sheet. You know from your gluten-free baking that the biscuits you create are not going to be quite the same as biscuits made with all purpose flour. Add a pat of butter and jam for me!

Answered 02/24/2014 by ksorensen

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