Can I use the the Gluten Free cake mix to make my holiday Sherry cake?

Asked 11/25/2013 by betty519

Holiday Sherry Cake sounds wonderful and it sounds like it is your specialty. I want you to know that baking gluten free is not as easy as switching cake mixes. Betty's gluten free cake mix is amazing and everyone loves it but it is not the same size as a regular cake mix. All of the rest of the ingredients you use would need to be gluten free as well. Would you consider making the boss's wife something different, something that is delicously gluten free - Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cakes. I am gluten intolerant myself and sometimes unsure of what others offer me even when they have the best intentions. I would create those little truffle cakes and put them in a fancy box along with the recipe and I think you would get a holiday bonus! Happy Holidays!

Answered 11/25/2013 by ksorensen

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