Can I substitute butter for shortening in a pie crust recipe? I have heard that butter makes a flakier tastier crust, so I wanted to try it.

Asked 11/27/2013 by bakeamy

There are fans on both sides of this coin, and personal preference reigns! Butter is also loved for its flavor. Know that solid fats for pie crust like shortening and lard are 100% fat, which makes for very flaky pastry, while Butter is 80% fat, so you'll likely notice it will handle a little differently, especially when chilled before rolling which helps evenly distribute the moisture making the dough easier to roll. Go ahead and try your pie crust using butter and see how YOU like it. You can get the both of best worlds by using half butter and half shortening. Even seasoned pie bakers like the reminders in How to Make Pie Crust and Fruit Pies. Let us know how you like butter pie crust.

Answered 11/27/2013 by Jeanie Kozar

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