Can I omit or reduce the amount of salt and baking soda in the banana blueberry bread?

Asked 07/22/2013 by avaflav

Great question on what ingredients you can and cannot mess with in a recipe. There are a couple of rules you need to know: Never change the baking soda in a quick bread or cake recipe and never change the salt in a yeast bread. The baking soda is there for leavening and has a careful balance with the acid in the dairy. Without the baking soda, you would be disappointed with a very heavy and flat loaf of bread. You can omit salt in a banana bread as it only changes the flavor - it may just taste a little flat. However in a yeast bread, salt is an essential at curbing the yeast activity and maintains a delicate chemical balance. You could add blueberries to Betty's classic Banana Bread which has less baking soda. No one likes a kitchen disaster - hope this rescued you.

Answered 07/23/2013 by ksorensen

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