Can Betty Crocker packaged chocolate chip cookie mix be baked as bar cookies, in a square pan?

Asked 03/18/2013 by nellthebaker


Great question. Cookie mix is a fun shortcut for making bars. Here are two good recipes to get you started. Enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

Salty Sweet Peanutty Treat

Answered 03/18/2013 by kolson

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Robinmaz said:
Posted: 12/22/2013 08:59 AM

I need the package the package directions for the chocolate chip cookie mix thats on the back of the package. My daughter was going to make them one day and through out the package and put the mix in a ziplock. now I dont know what to add.

Robinmaz said:
Posted: 12/22/2013 08:55 AM

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DivaDiana said:
Posted: 05/28/2013 05:07 PM

I make these in a pan at least once a week. Just make them according to package directions and put them into a 8x8 or 9x9 square pan. I bake mine at 350 for 22-28 minutes (depending on the pan and the weather). I prefer using oil and water instead of butter -- and I increase the water by 1 Tbsp because it makes cakier bars.